Portraits Of This Time: Faces of Lockdown

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In March 2020 the United Kingdom went into a period of Lockdown in an effort to contain the spread of Covid-19, the Coronavirus.  As the global pandemic spread schools were shut to all but the most vulnerable and children whose parents were front-line/critical workers who needed the childcare, offices and workplaces were shut down and the majority of the country were working from home. During this period the people of the UK were asked, then told to Stay Home to protect the NHS and Save Lives! 

In the middle of a period that can only described as unprecedented, communities banded together to support one another to help those self isolating, rainbows appeared as a sign of hope in windows and on walls and the nation took to their doorways to applause the NHS and critical workers every Thursday at 8pm.

I was desperate to bring something to help others, to bring some entertainment and joy but also to find a way of documenting this time through my photography.  Portraits of this Time began with a simple idea shared on Facebook to create portraits of people in or outside their homes in a socially distanced world whilst on my daily permitted walk. 

I hope the images deliver a glimpse of the people I met locally during this period of time in my home village of Ruddington, Nottingham and provide a documentation of the lockdown during 2020.

For any further information please contact me at: peter@urbanscot.co.uk or www.instagram.com/urbanscot 

Ruddington, 2020

  • John

    'We've never been in a time like this. I think we all just have to adhere to the rules.'

  • Nicola, Scott & family

    'My mum lives over the way and is 73. She is very independent and isn't very good at doing as she is told, to stay home, so we are trying to rein her in.'

  • Gavin, Donna and family with Barley

    'It's a bit weird isn't it. We've been doing some kids yoga on YouTube. We like the pace of life, it's a lot simpler.'

  • Sarah, Oliver & family with Angus

    'This time has given us the chance to do the jobs we haven't managed before. We are also doing a lot of playing, baking, gardening and composting!'

  • Steve, Victoria & child

    'We are actually having a lovely time. I am on maternity leave and Steve is furloughed so we are getting to spend time with this little one which is lovely!'

  • Nicola & daughter

    'My daughter is in year 6 and my son in year 11. It's testing there is only so much you can do.'

  • Jo, Roger & family

    'We have been making dinosaurs. They were going to be robots but they turned into dinos, a recyleasaurus!'

  • Sue & Dave

    'I am busy coordinating volunteers in the village and he is busy watching 1970s football matches!'

  • Lisa and family with Wilbur the cat

    'We both work really stressful jobs, when we got furloughed it was a god send'

  • Natalie & son

    'It's hectic working from home and trying to home school as well '

  • Victoria, Nathan & family

    'I’m on maternity leave and it’s nice as my husband is now home as well'

  • Katie

    'I am a nurse. I work in a protected environment then come home. It is completely isolating!'

  • Sandra & son

    'This has made me appreciate how much I appreciate having a big garden!'

  • Janet, Andy & family

    'We usually commute to work so it's nice being able to see the kids and each other more.'

  • Rebecca, Rob and family

    'The weather has helped us through, we live in the garden and are keeping busy making scarecrows and playing with chalk!'

  • Zoe, Paul & family with Diane

    'Luckily we have a back garden and we are mainly spending time out there. After this we are looking forward to going on holiday.'

  • Jennie, Gareth & family

    'We've got loads of things to play with, like a trampoline, swings and a slide. You have to be grateful for what you have.'

  • Gemma & family

    'My biggest challenge is working full time from home with these two!'

  • Nick, Helen and child

    'It’s sad that she can’t socialise with any other babies but we are seeing her develop so much'

  • Jay, Hannah & Family

    'Two words come to mind, enjoy and endure....in equal measure!'

  • Donna, Simon & family with Arfur

    'He is still out and about and that’s a worry. He comes in every day and decontaminates himself.'

  • Kayleigh, Alex & family

    'My main income is magic and it disappeared virtually overnight! '

  • Lucy, Tone & family

    'Four people on the wifi all day is pretty difficult but there is a lot we will keep doing after this is over'

  • Anna, Roy & family

    'No uni, no GCSEs, not what we expected really!'

  • Elaine

    'I'm over 70 with kidney problems so I'm stuck here though I am well, I'm very well and I've had time to do lots of jobs!'

  • Ruth, Peter & family

    'Lockdown is a bit of a drag but it's also an opportunity to make the most of your skills and to develop new skills. People are together more and everyone has a chance to stand still for a moment.''

  • Arron, Laura and family with Baz

    'It's great, Daddy goes on the trampoline with us a lot, and we get to do baking!'

  • Ranya, Samer & family

    'We are loving the time together. Before this we were trying to adopt a dog but that has gone on hold. It was a secret.....until now!!!'

  • Libby

    'I live alone and my parents live in Bristol but my neighbours have been really supportive. I have had cards checking if I am okay, cakes and Easter Eggs delivered. It's not as lonely as it could have been, it has made me appreciate the village a lot more.'

  • Harriet & family

    'We have enjoyed being together and we are very proud of our dad who is building a hospital in London.'

  • Mark & Jan with Cracker

    'We’ve spent loads of time the garden and are enjoying nature a lot more'

  • Rob, Debbie & family

    'It's hard work keeping the kids entertained!'

  • Emily, Ben & family

    'It has moments like being on holiday but other times it has its challenges!'

  • Mandy, Ian & family with Archie

    'We are basically baking our way through lockdown'

  • Nic, Ainsley & family

    'I think we might look back and miss it it a funny way when it is over'

  • Jen, Mike & family

    'It’s weird as day to day it’s quite enjoyable but you know really horrible stuff is happening'

  • Natalie & Tom

    'I work a a teacher and it's so strange talking to my children through an app. I really hope I can see them before they move to secondary school.'

  • Esme, Mal and family

    'The kids are going feral, my husband cleans maniacally and I've locked myself in the spare room (aka the coronacave) to work from home!'

  • Matt, Jane & family

    'We are missing our sports; swimming, dancing football and seeing our friends. Being under the same roof all the time has its pluses...and its minuses!'

  • Kayley & family

    'I get to watch all my videos on the iPad and to play on the water slide and throw water balloons!'

  • Tash & George with Juno

    'Apart from cleaning up after the puppies we are spending a lot of time in the garden and cooking...with a bit of crying thrown in. You just don't know how someone really feels.'

  • Sally & Andy

    'I miss the grandchildren, the cuddles and the playing'

  • Naomi, Jarrod & child

    'I get really exited about walking into the village and then when I get there I feel a bit depressed as it’s so quiet'

  • Mark & Debs

    'I’m trying to keep the village market going, we are going to do an Instagram live with the traders'

  • Carla & Mike

    'We both work from home so it’s not that different although we are missing the local pub!'

  • Tina, Wayne & son

    'We’ve both had lockdown birthdays. I liked the simplicity of it, no expectations'

  • Filomena & Tom

    'I work at QMC and am really proud to be part of team NUH!'

  • Allison

    'It is what it is! I am keeping well which is the main thing'

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